Retailers & Restaurants choose Camcloud’s cloud video surveillance solution because it’s hassle-free with no hardware required.

Easily connect all your cameras to our cloud-based solution

Many retailers and restaurants still use closed-circuit television and video recorders to protect their premises. With these systems on their last legs, businesses are looking for more modern approaches to video surveillance. Unfortunately, most alternatives simply digitize the dumb systems of the past and lack intelligence, rely too heavily on vulnerable onsite storage, and restrict the choice of cameras.

That’s why businesses are increasingly choosing Camcloud. Using Camcloud, business owners can easily, affordably and quickly make the upgrade to a state-of-the-art hardware-free cloud video surveillance solution.

Our cloud video surveillance for business is designed for business owners who don’t want the hassle of complicated and expensive systems. With no required hardware or advanced security knowledge, you can get started quickly. Whether you have one or many locations, Camcloud lets you easily connect all your cameras to our cloud-based solution, delivering 24/7 on-demand surveillance.

We needed to go digital and fast! Camcloud got us there quicker than we imagined possible With 5 locations and more than 25 cameras keeping an eye on my businesses, Camcloud’s solution is a perfect fit – it’s easy to setup, requires no specialized on-site hardware, and I’m able to use both Axis and Hanwha Techwin cameras!

– Turner Hill, Owner/Area Manager, Jersey Mike’s

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