Cloud Services
for Axis Cameras

Hassle-Free Cloud Video Surveillance for your Axis Camera

Cloud storage, world class AI, easy-to-use mobile apps, notifications and more for your Amcrest camera.
Full plug and play camera support makes cloud setup easy.

Popular Axis Communications camera models

Use Camcloud’s leading cloud video surveillance service with your Axis camera and Axis License Plate Verifier (ALPV). All video and LPV data will be stored safely off-site in the cloud. Camcloud supports any Axis camera with firmware versions 5.x or higher and setup is easy. The option to use Axis AVHS allows customers to setup their camera for the cloud with no port forwarding.

Ditch the NVR and DVR. Rely on the security and convenience of the cloud to keep an eye on all your business locations.

No need for multi-location enterprises to struggle with complex on-premise video surveillance systems.

World-class AI at Your Fingertips

Cloud AI will analyze any events detected by your camera and classify and label it based on a library of hundreds of different labels — object detection that will identify everything from a person to backpack.

World-class AI at Your Fingertips

Turn Noisy Camera Motion Detection Alerts into Smart Surveillance

No need to purchase expensive AI-enabled IP cameras. Camcloud supports hundreds of different cameras, and almost any camera that can publish H.264 video can work with our cloud and can leverage Cloud AI.

Turn Noisy Camera Motion Detection Alerts into Smart Surveillance

Smart Push Notifications

Only get notified of events that matter to you with a preview delivered right to your mobile app. If you only want a camera to alert when a person is in the scene, we give full flexibility to configure alerts for each camera.

Smart Push Notifications
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