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Camcloud is a trusted solution by several leading service providers and camera manufacturers. Our customers use our solution to offer their own service, without having to build their own platform.

  • Continuous recording for any camera
    by Alen Zukich on February 19, 2021 at 5:27 pm

    There is no question using a plug and play camera has huge benefits. Extremely easy to setup, no port forwarding required and it has a secure connection using encrypted traffic. But what if you have an existing camera system? Today Camcloud is releasing our support...
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  • Introducing User Logging API
    by Alen Zukich on November 23, 2020 at 3:09 pm

    Today we’re introducing a brand new tool to help you identify how your customers are using the apps. If you are managing multiple accounts and want to monitor usage you can use this new user logging feature. The user logging feature allows you to monitor...
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  • Event Previews – Huge Web Timeline Release
    by Alen Zukich on October 27, 2020 at 1:04 pm

    We have another BIG product update for you. If you haven’t already read the previous web timeline update, read this first. Now that we have launched our next generation Web Timeline, we’ve started to introduce some MORE really cool features. The very first big feature...
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"The combination of an easy to use, yet powerful integration with Hanwha Techwin cameras and the need for offsite storage to help clients meet regulatory requirements--makes for a great partnership between Camcloud and Skyline"
Peter Pavlov, Principal Architect, Skyline Technology Solutions
"Camcloud’s cloud video surveillance solution solves many of the unique surveillance challenges that we face in the construction industry"
Shawn Scarlata, Founder, Mobile Video Guard
"With all of our surveillance footage being hosted, we have more storage now than with a traditional solution. Cloud video surveillance has worked extremely well for AJ's and we look forward to protecting our growing business with Camcloud in the future."
Dan Giurk, Director of Marketing & Business Development, AJs Cleaners
"Camcloud’s cloud video surveillance solution was the best choice for our roster of restaurant and retail clients. The mobile app provides peace of mind for our business owners, as they can keep an eye on their operations 24/7 from anywhere. If there is ever any issue, Camcloud is aware even before we are—which provides a confidence factor that we have never found elsewhere."
— Butch Davis, CEO, Omni-Watch
“Camcloud's cloud video recording technologies, combined with the latest Hanwha cameras, provides us with peace of mind and confidence, knowing that our guests and properties are in good hands.”
— Andy Briggs, Managing Partner, Marriott Franchisee/Owner
We needed to go digital and fast! Camcloud got us there quicker than we imagined possible With 5 locations and more than 25 cameras keeping an eye on my businesses, Camcloud’s solution is a perfect fit – it’s easy to setup, requires no specialized on-site hardware, and I’m able to use both Axis and Hanwha Techwin cameras!
- Turner Hill, Owner/Area Manager, Jersey Mike’s
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