Cloud Services for Axis IP Cameras

Axis is widely seen as a leader in IP cameras for consumers and small businesses. Camcloud supports any Axis camera with firmware versions 5.x or higher. As part of our integration with Axis, we offer an auto-setup feature that automatically configures the Axis camera for use with Camcloud. 


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Cloud Services for Axis IP Cameras


See how easy it is to setup an Axis camera with Camcloud. Watch our demo below.

Axis FAQ

Do you support every Axis camera? Why do you only list a handful in your "Popular Models"?

We support any Axis camera with firmware version 5.x or higher. Models with 5.5 or greater firmware have the option to capture both video and image recordings, while cameras using version 5.4 or lower have image capture mode only. The models listed on this page are some of their most popular and represent ones most used by our customers. As an Axis Development Partner we can also test any other Axis camera, so if you're not sure just ask us in our Support Forum.

Can Camcloud connect to an Axis Video Encoder? 

Not at this time. We establish a direct connection from the Axis camera to our servers in the cloud.  

What about the local SD storage? Can I access that saved video from Camcloud?

Not at this time. Local storage is not accessible from Camcloud. We are investigating this as a possible feature.  

Do I have to port forward my router to access my camera?

Yes. you need to port forward both the HTTP and RTSP ports. We've provided a straightforward network setup guide that explains how to do this. Keep in mind if you want to access your camera (with or without Camcloud) from outside your network this will be a necessity.   


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