Feature Overview

Learn how to keep an eye on your home, business and loved ones with Camcloud.
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Camcloud's video monitoring service will turn any standard webcam or IP camera from brands such as Axis, Foscam and others into a powerful, easy-to-use video monitoring service that you can access from anywhere. Camcloud is a simple, no-contract service making video monitoring accessible to home and small business owners everywhere. Explore our features below and see how you can easily setup high quality video monitoring in just a few minutes.
  • Cloud Storage of your Recorded Video and Images
  • Open Platform that Supports a Large Number of Different Cameras
  • Easy Management of your Saved Media from the Web, Android and iOS
  • All with No Software Install Required at your Site

Cloud Storage for all your cameras

Connect your cameras to Camcloud and when there’s motion, the activity will be saved securely and conveniently in your private cloud account. All our plans offer a generous amount of storage space and with our “auto-recycle” feature, you can be sure your most recent recordings will always be saved. Whether your camera supports saving of video, images or both, our cloud storage solution has you covered.

Open Platform -- Use Almost Any Camera from Anywhere

The Camcloud platform is open with support for a wide variety of different IP cameras and webcams. You can use whatever mix of cameras suits your needs and connect multiple cameras to your account that are all at different locations. A typical customer could have a webcam for the home office, an outdoor camera for the garage and a dome camera for her retail store. When all these different cameras are setup with Camcloud you have one place and one platform to manage all your IP cameras.

Easy-to-Use Tools to Manage your Recordings

Once your cameras are recording video and images, you’ll want an easy way to manage those recordings on the web, Android and iOS. With Camcloud, all your recordings are time and date-stamped, tagged with the appropriate camera name, and available in an easy-to-use, searchable list. You can go back to any point in-time and see what happened when you were gone.

Cloud Service with NO Software or On-Site Device Required

Unlike other services that support a variety of different cameras, Camcloud is a modern cloud service that does not require any on-premises hardware device or the installation of complex software that runs on your PC or servers. If you are connecting cameras from multiple locations there’s only one choice that provides simplicity – a pure cloud service offered by Camcloud.


We take your security and privacy seriously. Be sure to select a strong password for your account. Read our privacy policy for more information.