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Camcloud Introduces All New Recording Schedule Feature

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Camcloud has introduced a brand new recording Schedule feature. This new feature provides complete flexibility over when cloud recordings are enabled for your cameras. 

  • Ability to create up to 10 individual schedules, each with 10 entries.
  • Schedules can be applied to a single camera or multiple cameras.
  • Supports all camera types.
  • Now each camera can be configured with Motion Detection On, Off or assigned to a specific Schedule.
  • The Global Motion Detection On/Off button will still over-ride any individual camera schedules.
  • This feature is available on the web, Android (app version 1.6) and iOS (app version 1.5).

Note: This is a paid-only feature so be sure to upgrade to a paid plan today! Note that Free users still have basic scheduling that allows them to turn Motion Detection On/Off.

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NVR vs DVR vs Cloud - IP Camera Storage Options

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Are you researching video storage options for your IP camera and unsure about the best option? You're not alone -- we get a lot of questions on when customers should opt for an NVR or DVR solution vs. cloud storage. There is also a lot of confusion on the difference between DVRs and NVRs. We'll try to answer those questions in this post. 

IP camera storage options really come down to three choices. b2ap3_thumbnail_nvr-dvr-cloud-storage.png

1 - Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Standalone hardware device that connects directly to analog cameras via coax cables.

2 - Network Video Recorder (NVR). Network attached storage device that connects to IP cameras over a (typically) local IP network. 

3 - Cloud Storage. Remote storage for IP cameras that can access cameras over the internet.

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Review: Sony CX600 Network Camera

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b2ap3_thumbnail_sony-cx600.pngThis is part of our continuing series of IP camera reviews. The reviews focus on cameras that work with Camcloud's IP camera cloud services. Hopefully this will help customers pick the camera that's right for them.

For this post I will review the Sony CX600 Network Camera. Sony makes a large number of cameras, many of them targeted at high-end commercial, banking and other applications. They are not considered a consumer camera, but some of their entry level cameras can be found at and other retailers. These are definitely worth considering if you need an IP camera with extra monitoring features for your home or business.

Warning though - if you're price shopping cameras, they aren't cheap. The Sony CX600 is priced at $350+ dollars on Amazon at the time of this writing.

I'll review the camera's Hardware & Video Quality, Motion Detection Features, and Video Storage Options.

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Camcloud Introduces New Motion Detection Area Feature for Foscam Cameras

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Camcloud has introduced even more features for Foscam cameras that allow you to better access and control your IP cameras from Camcloud.

Motion Detection Area

The major new enhancement being introduced today is the ability to draw a motion detection area on your camera's view from Camcloud's Live View page. This feature will ensure recordings are only triggered when motion happens within the motion detection area. Watch the video below for a short demo.

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Website Streaming Video from Hundreds of Unsecured IP Cameras

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Recently news reports broke of a website posting video streams from a large number of unsecured IP cameras. Seriously creepy stuff. 


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Camcloud Introduces Mobile App Notifications for iOS and Android!

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Today Camcloud is pleased to introduce mobile app notifications for iOS and Android! Now, in addition to receiving email alerts when there is motion detected by your camera, customers can have motion detection alerts sent right to their iPhone, iPad or Android device!

Camcloud Mobile App Notification

Here’s a quick explanation on how to configure Camcloud’s motion detection notifications so they work for you.

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