Cloud Video Monitoring

Camcloud provides a simple, cost-effective video monitoring system for the home and small business. Our platform supports webcams and virtually any IP camera from brands such as Axis, Foscam and many others. We give you flexibility to combine the hardware of your choice and connect it to our service for cloud storage of video, mobile connectivity and a simple live viewing interface.


With support for virtually any webcam or IP camera, Camcloud enables 
the following features for your device.

Cloud Storage

Save your videos and images in the cloud for later viewing.

Instant Live Video

View multiple cameras from anywhere over the web.

Mobile Apps

On-the-go access from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Motion Detection

Setup motion detection and alerts for each camera to suit your needs.

We take your security and privacy seriously. Be sure to select a strong password for your account. Read our privacy policy for more information.